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a virus is nonliving structure that attacks cells and multiplies by injecting RNA or DNA telling the cell to make multiple copies of the virus.



bacteria are small single celled organisms that have a cell wall and do not have a well, defined nucleus.



archea are small single celled organisms that have a cell wall and do not have a well, defined nucleus. Archea very similar to bacteria but have a different ribosome structure and tend to be extremophiles. Extemophiles can live in extreme conditions such as high and low temperatures.

animal cell:


plant cell:

all living things come are made of tiny structures called cells. a cell is the smallest unit that can preform all the life processes necessary for life. most cells are too small to be seen without a microscope. a few cells, however, are big. for instance, the yolk of a chicken egg is a big cell. the yolk can be that big because it does not have to take in more nutrients. there is a reason why most cells are so small. cells take in food and get rid of wastes through their outer surface. (95)

parts of a eukaryotic cell:

cell Membrane- a phospholipid layer that covers a cell's surface; acts as a barrier between the inside of a cell and a cell's enviorment.

organelle- one of the small bodies in a cell's cytoplasm that are specialized to perform a specific function.

nucleus- in a eukaryotic cell, a membrane-bound organelle that contains the cell's DNA and that has a role in the process such as growth, metabolism, and reproduction.

ribosome- cell organelle composed of RNA and protein; the site of protein synthesis.

endoplasmic reticulum- a system of membranes that is found in a cell's cytoplasm and that assists in the production, processing, and transport of proteins and in the production of lipids. (213)

mitosis: in eukaryotic cells, a process or cell division that forms two nuclei, each or which has the same number or chromosomes.


meiosis: a process in cell divison during cellular division during which the number of chromosomes decreases to half the original number by two divisions of the nucleus, which results in the productions of sex cells.


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