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images.jpegHIV viruse

Viruses:A viruse is an infectious microbe that can only reproduce in a host cell.Thery are made up of 2 or 3 parts,all have DNA or RNA long molicules that hold genetic information, all hav e a coat made up of protien that protects the DNA or RNA, and some have a layer of fat when they are outside of the host cell.They are about 100 times smaller than bacteria.


bacteria.jpegbacteria in the early stage of life


Animal Cell


Animal Orginelles
  • Cell membrane-a protctive lining that covers the cell that is like a barrier between the cell and its environment
  • Cytoskeleton-proteins that look similar to a web that are located in the cytoplasm
  • Nucleus-holds the DNA of the cell
  • Ribosome-made up of RNA and proteins,they produce proteins
  • Endoplasmic reticulum-helps with the transportation, and production of proteins
  • Mitocondrion-where cellular resperation takes place
  • Golgi complex-helps make the materials that need to be transported out of the cell
  • Vesicle-a small cavity that hold materilas
  • Lysosome-holds digestive enzymes

Plant Cell

plantcell.jpgplant cell

Plant Cell Organells

  • Cell wall-surrounds the cell membrane, supports the cell, is a rigid structure

  • Chloroplast-where photosynthisis takes place

  • Large Central Vacuole-storsse water and other materials

  • Photosynthesis-the process when a cell makes its own food


external image baby%2520seal.jpg

chlorophyll is a pigment(green) that captures energy from sunlight, with this energy plants make food
chlorophyll is contained in chloroplast
chloroplast is an orgenell found in all plants
plants use sunlight to get their energy from water and carbon dioxide, which is called photosynthesis
since plants make their own food they are producers


3 groups, liverworts, hornworts, and mosses
lack special conducting tissues(to move water and nutrients through the plant) and true stems roots and leaves
use diffusion to move materials from one section of the plant to another
nonvascular plants are small so diffusion is possible

have specialized tissue to move materials from one section of the plant to another