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Rino Virus picture


There are dozens of viruses out there, maybe
even some undiscovered ones to, but today
I'm just going to talk about viruses overall. Virus
Comes from the latin word meaning toxic or
poison. A typical virus consits of two or three
parts: genes either RNA or DNA which are
long molecules the carry genetic information,
a protective layer of proteins that keeps the
genetic information safe, and some viruses
have a fat layer the coats them when outside
a cell.

This is a diagram of a Bacteria cell

Bacteria Cell

Bacteria cell organelles

Flagella-propels the cell, grants movement
Cytoplasm- the cell body fluid
Membrane-protects the cell from the outside
Cell wall-also protects the cells from viruses and the outside
Ribosomes-the genetic structure for the cell
Nucleoid-or nucleus contains the cell's DNA
Pili-a sexual appendage
Capsule-protects cell from phagocytosis
See full size image
See full size image

Archea Bacteria

Archaea Bacteria

Archaea are a group of single celled microrganisms.
They are able to live in extremely harsh envirnments,
such as an undersea volcano. Archaea like all other
bacteria are prokaryotes and have no nucleus or other
organelles whithin their cells. Archaea use a cell wall to
protect them from other organizms, a set of flagella to
move them place to place. Archaea reproduce asexually
by binary or multiple fission, fragmentation, or budding.
An interesting fact is that Archaea make up twenty percent
of the total biomass on earth!

Animal Cell Diagram

Animal Cell

Animal Cell Organelles

Cell Membrane- A cell's surface it separates the inside of the cell from its environment.
Cytoskeleton- A structure that maintains the cells shape.
Nucleus- It contains the cells DNA.
Ribosome- An organelle composed of the cell's RNA.
Endoplasmic Reticulum- A transport of proteins and lipids.
Mitochondrion- The site of cellular respiration.
Golgi Complex- Helps package materials to send them out of the cell.
Vesicle- A sack that carries materials in and out of the cell.
Lysosome- Contains digestive enzymes.

Plant Cell Diagram

Plant Cell

Plant Cell Organelles

Cell Wall- Surrounds and provides support for the cell.
Chloroplast- Coverts light energy to ATP.
Large Central Vacuole- Collects water to expand the cell.
Photosynthesis- A process in which light is converted into food.

- I used wikipedia as a resource for all of my work.

I like Polar Bears and Dingos.
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